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New Carpet for the RMSC

The residents of the Ruth M. Smith center are floating on new carpet!

Well, they may not be floating exactly, but they are walking on and enjoying new carpet installed to replace the tired and very worn carpet dating back to the late 1970’s and 1980’s.

The old dark maroon carpet was replaced with a pleasant, medium gray floor covering which should withstand many years of future wear. With 10 residents per building, 24 hour staff, and occasional visitors (when the pandemic allows), the carpets experience considerable daily traffic.

The bedrooms and living-dining areas in both Residential A and B buildings received the new flooring. The kitchen areas in these buildings also had new tile-looking vinyl flooring laid. Many of the rooms and hallways in the mansion received new carpeting or vinyl as well.

“It was quite the upheaval!” Kim Adams, executive director of the Center, explained in describing the month-long process. “The installers, Floors at Your Door and More, did one residential wing at a time,” she explained, “but that meant emptying rooms of furniture and knick-knacks.” Discovering a second, older layer of carpet underneath the maroon flooring led to more time and cost than originally planned.

The carpeting and vinyl flooring, financed through the CARES Act, cost a total of $29,891.

All the recent work is part of the on-going effort to keep the center maintained at a high level of quality—in doing so, promoting a home-like, ‘somebody cares’ atmosphere in all three residential buildings. Kim added, “The residents like it, but it was stressful—it was out of their routine.”

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