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Johnny Appleseed Fundraising

Books, bountiful baked goods, and brilliant autumn foliage combined to make for a very successful RMSC fundraising event during the Sheffield Johnny Appleseed Festival of October 7-9, 2022. The annual event is organized by a Sheffield community festival organization.

The Center’s fundraiser featured four awning style tents under which tables of books and baked goods were available by purchase or donation. All the money will be directed to projects and support of the Ruth M. Smith Center. This year $2379.43 was raised—an amount well over previous event years.

The baked goods—sufficient for all 3 days—were graciously provided by board members, family and friends, and individuals who simply want to help. The Lander Methodist Church, Warren Grace Methodist Church, the Port Allegany Methodist Church, and the Kittanning Union Avenue Methodist Church were especially helpful in supplying baked goods, books, or both. Breads, cookies, pies, Amish doughnuts, snacks, and many other autumn treats kept festival-goers returning to the tables throughout the weekend.

Hundreds and hundreds of books, collected by Trudy Bull who coordinates the fundraiser, were available by donation to the Center. The books are a popular attraction each year with the sale significantly adding to the fundraising amount.

Board members and volunteers staff the fundraising event each of the 3 days.

The Johnny Appleseed Festival itself, which occurs across the street from the Center, features lumberjack contests and a wide array of vendors from many locations. It is attended by thousands of people from across the tri-state area and Canada.


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