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Dear Friends...

October 2019

Dear Friends of the Ruth M. Smith Center,

Our annual letter to our family of supporters and donors comes with our most grateful thanksgiving. While last year’s report reached your hands telling of needs and challenges that threatened the very existence of the ministry, we are pleased to report that a variety of efforts have returned the Smith Center to a healthy ministry to the disadvantaged, the poor, elderly and disabled adults.

Your faithful, responsive interest has resulted in a very significant increase in benevolent giving over the past year. Thank you for your abundant generosity. We are thankful to report, as well, for a strong teaming effort with Forest Warren Human Services. This increase in funding, coordinated by the Warren County Commissioners, has helped us on the path to financially stabilize the personal care home side of the Smith Center ministry.

In sum, thank you for ‘standing in the gap’ with us; God has blessed us with good friends.

Yet, we continue to need your support—we still depend on you for a significant portion of our monthly budget. This year, however, our request for support is directed not so much toward a ‘rescue’ but toward a vision. We would ask for your participation, then, in a vision that—

  • Allows the Daycare students and Personal Care Home residents to experience the learning, the care, and the family atmosphere of a well-maintained home.

  • Reaches out to both the church community and local citizens to utilize the Smith Center as a place to meet, fellowship, and support one another.

  • Establishes long term financial stability giving us confidence to tackle projects that are long overdue-- including improving technology use, expanding the use of our gymnasium, and introducing new avenues of ministry to those in need.

We close asking you to join us in this ‘forward march’ toward serving the needs of others.

With heartfelt thanks,

Kim Adams, Executive Director

Mark Lindberg, Board Member

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