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Anita Jones Bequest

A gift of $25,000 was bequeathed, from the estate of Anita Jones, to the Ruth M. Smith Center in Sheffield PA.

Anita was always very appreciative of growing up in Sheffield PA and frequently returned to visit family. She never forgot her roots.

Presenting the check is her niece, Diane Jones Scarcella. 12/13/22


Anita L. Jones, 88, of Alexandria, VA., died peacefully on June 21st, 2021.

Anita was born on Dec. 13th, 1932, in Warren, PA., to the late Lloyd B. and Ella M. (Lesser) Jones. She was the 14th child of 15 born to her parents. She often said she was the only one of the 15 children who was planned.

Following graduation from Sheffield High School in 1950, Anita moved to Washington, D.C., and enjoyed a 39 year career in publishing and advertising at U.S. News and World Report. She retired in 1989, having stayed with the magazine for her entire career. During her stint at U.S. News, Anita experienced continuous success and promotions, ending her role as assistant publisher. Anita loved all aspects of the publishing business side of the magazine and was respected for her knowledge and passion by both the editorial and business side of the magazine. She had input on every issue that was published. Anita was proud of the magazine's many noteworthy accomplishments - from the pithy "News You Can Use" feature to its ranking program covering everything from colleges to hospitals. She came of age in the original "Mad Men" era and was a confident and successful woman in an era quite different from today.

Anita, who was know as "Neet" was beloved by all who knew her. She immensely enjoyed travelling and took many memorable trips with friends and family. Her curiosity extended to always keeping up on the lives and pursuits of her numerous family members, particularly her nieces and nephews who numbered 50, 45 of whom survive her. Relatives knew they always had a place to stay in Washington, D.C., area and as their host, Neet made sure her guests saw all the sights, even though she had seem them countless times. She had a wonderful sense of humor, was exceedingly gracious, generous, and loving to all.

In retirement, she enjoyed spending time walking through Old Town Alexandria where she lived, having lunches and dinners with friends, always conversing about politics and the state of the country and world. As a member of the Mount Vernon Country Club, she was extensively involved in the women's golf associations and became an even more avid golfer.

Anita was preceded in death by 11 sisters: Leah Miley, Beatrice Host, Elaine Rader, Deleo Reiff, Janyce Bunk, Ethelyn McGuire Jorn, Vida Jean Stout, Marilyn Rose, Beverly Hoden, Bonnie Wolfe, and Nancy Oliphant; and three brothers: Leonard, Bruce, and Robert Jones.

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